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Abandonment, take two

And once again:  The story about the twins… Now I don’t like it.  It seems I can’t work on a story for any longer than a few days or I start to dislike it.  To see all the inadequacies of it.  But maybe that’s a good thing.  Maybe that’s exactly what I need to tell the worthwhile stories from those that won’t go anywhere.  The thing about this story is that the core of it, the being lost in the woods, there’s really nothing there.  Basically the whole story exists to satisfy that vision in my dream of the boy falling down the fissure and that’s not enough to inspire a whole narrative.

So right now I’m at BBM’s house.  She’s going to do homework and I’m going ot try and write a story fit for human consumption to submit to a writing competition.  We’ll see.

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I’m watching the first season of Monk.  Benjy is very cute.  Disk three, episode three, Benjy asks Monk why girls do stuff like letting the guy they like win in games instead of truly trying to win.  Monk responds “you’ll understand when you’re older.”  Of course that’s a crap answer that would make and BL feel indignant on the boy’s behalf.  But then he followed up with, “And when you do, can you call me and explain it to me?”

Wonderful.  I must remember that.

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When I get home from work today: 1st all laundry put away and towels into the wash.  2nd apply to at least one job.  3rd watch Blood Diamond.  4th finish dishes.

“When I get home from work.”  Ha!  I went outside and there was snow five inches deep on my car.  That and very slippery roads.  I called The Citadel.  The parking lot is buried.  The last time I tried to get to church in this kind of weather I spun out on the onramp to the interstate and had to spend an hour digging myself back out of the parking lot.  No work today.

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I read three quarters of a story called “Opposites Attract” on Nifty today.  One sentence the author wrote — something like “bits of electronics that would have one day become a computer” — made me suspect that he was writing a story we’ve all heard before.  A little bit later, the non-POV character mentioned that he had a medical condition that got him out of gym class.  That further solidified my suspicion.  Cole is going to die of a disease that has prevented him from maturing normally.  Freak the Mighty and The Cure were the same story.  Physically powerful, mentally average loner boy meets mentally gifted, spirited, puny boy.  Puny boy shows bigger boy how to live, then dies.  I’m fairly certain that is what is going to happen.

I would like to see a story (or write it myself) where that doesn’t happen.  Or rather where the opposite happens.  The bigger boy somehow manages to save the puny boy, perhaps at great cost to himself, so that the puny boy with the incredible brain doesn’t live a short life who’s only purpose was to be an influential memory for others.

Meh.  It’s an idea.

So yeah, I was wrong.  They totally just did the deed, rolled over and went to sleep.  How…disappointing.  ;)  Just shows you that I read WAY too far into a stray tense.  Nifty really is not the place for me…

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I’ve started writing again.  Of course I always say it, but I may actually finish this time.  As is true with so many of my ideas for stories, this one formed in the nebulous region of my mind that rules over the place between asleep and awake.  I can’t remember what the seed was, since nothing from that realm can last for longer than an hour or so, but it has grown into something viable.

The characters are vaguely modeled after the set of twins in the Citadel’s boys’ choir.  1of2 and 2of2.  Beyond their twinship, the fact that they both have half the name of a founding father, and the fact that one is maturing more rapidly than the other, there is little resemblance between my characters and them.  1of2 is far less insecure (as far as I can see) than Alexander, and far less bothered by 2of2’s puberty.

The story is of Alexander and Martin Grey.  Thirteen-year-old fraternal twins.  Martin’s recent entry into puberty and his acquisition of a girlfriend are making the marginally older Alex feel left behind.  These feelings of inadequacy and betrayal peak during a Boy Scout camp-out, eventually driving Alex to confront his “little” brother.

Martin is remarkably sympathetic and assures Alex that he will never abandon him.  Later, during a hike, Alex and Martin get separated from the troop and lost.  Martin rushes ahead to try and find the troop, leaving Alex behind, again feeling abandoned and betrayed.  Martin returns a little while later, saying he would not abandon his fresh vow and begins to lead Alex along the path he’d discovered.  However when the larger, stronger Martin leaps across a crevice and rushes on, Alex is reluctant to follow, fearing the fall that would follow if he slipped.  Not wanting to be left behind again, and reluctant to appear a coward, he overcomes his fear and makes the jump.

And Misses.  He falls into the crevice, landing very painfully, feeling his back break.  Before dying he looks around and sees his brother’s corpse just feet away.

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Amazing!  Just amazing.  This morning my internet wasn’t working again.  First thing I try: remove @isp.com yet again.  Instant fix!  This is bloody ridiculous.

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Can’t wait!

Ah, finally.  Puppy and The King called me today to tell me that they were contacted by the mentoring program as my references.  I was starting to wonder what the heck was going on, since it’s already been…5? 6 weeks?  I haven’t heard from anyone else yet, but things are starting to move.  Can’t wait!

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