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Ah heat! Saturday night I noticed that, though the heat was on (I could hear the water moving through the pipes) it was getting colder. I felt the radiators and pipes. Cold. Great! The heat couldn’t break right before a warm spell. It had to break right after.

Then Sunday, after church, I had to go out of town. No time to fix the heat. So Sunday night after getting back, I headed down to the basement to see what I could see. The pilot was out.

I couldn’t quite figure out how to get to it at first. There was a hole in a metal plate behind the front access panel. I tried sticking a lighted match through there, but I couldn’t get anything to happen.

Monday morning I got out my tools and removed that metal plate. Finally I could see the pilot mechanism. I eventually got it lit (I was having trouble with the matches) but even after holding down the primer for a full two minutes it wouldn’t stay on. I conceded and called a plumber.

The secretary said someone would be able to come out that day, so I called work and said I wasn’t coming in.

At 8:00pm I finally got a call saying they wouldn’t be sending anyone that day and was I available the next morning?

If I hadn’t been so cold, I’d have been smoldering. No. I was not available during regular work hours for the second day in a row.

Someone did eventually come out today and fix it. Ah, blessed heat, how I missed you.

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A break

I am taking a break from maintaining this blog.  No new posts will appear until April.

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Feeling kinda nervous and paranoid.  I’ve agreed to go to a near by town (150 mi) on Sunday to meet a fellow boylover.  — The mouse is back — I’ve been speaking to him irregularly for a few months, and I’m 98% certain he’s genuine.  He’s been living abroad teaching English, but is back in the States, lining up an oportunity to go back.  While he’s here, he’s visiting all his BL friends, and wants to meet me.

While I have no reason to disbelieve a word he’s said, I have a paranoid side that says “that’s just what they’d want you to think” every time I think “but he isn’t lying, because…”

I don’t remember feeling this way when I visited my friends in California.  Part of my fear is, what if I don’t like him?  — The King and My Friend of the Face Book are here.  Time to go watch Psych.

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I have the worst case of lazy at the moment.  I just don’t want to do anything.

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Too thin

The letter was thin.  Too thin.  I knew right away what that meant.  The mentoring agency has rejected my application.  I’m…I really don’t know what I am.  What I feel.  I’m not surprised, but only because I just couldn’t believe that something so great could happen to me.  And it didn’t.  I’m not distraught, or angry, but…  I guess I’m disappointed.  And a little sad.

Now what?  Now where do I go?  What do I do?

I don’t want to dwell on whys and what ifs because I cannot know, but if I had to guess I’d say that my precarious life situation is what got me rejected.  They don’t trust that I can be a stable, constant enough presence in a boy’s life.  Even if that’s not why I was rejected, it’s what I choose to believe.

I’m shaking a little bit.

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I have a mouse.  Damn it!  Two and a half years with no pests but I got lazy.  I can take some small comfort from the fact that the one piece of food I saw the mouse taking was something I never bought, meaning it has been there since before I moved in.  (Spiral pasta)  But it is undeniable that now, when my house is the dirtiest it has ever been for the longest period of time, is when it showed up.

So the crusade has started.  Deep clean bottom to top.  And mouse traps.  I will have a vermin free home again.

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I had high hopes and low expectations for that concert.  My expectations won.  In honesty, the boys have potential.  Comparing them against other American boy choirs, they are not too far below acceptable.  (I find it sad, the difference in skill between the average American and English boy choir.)  However the men sang no better than the boys, and often not as well.

This group has ideas to raise money to open a choir school.  I don’t think so.  Long before opening a school I would want to be able to show that the choir has something worth teaching.  First step, ditch all the men.  Hire professionals.  With a solid ATB section to support them, the boys would automatically improve greatly.  Second, start the men performing on their own so that some subset of the organization can give a nuanced and polished performance.  Then start raising money to start a choir school  You may even already have a few teachers among the gentlemen.  I also think a way is needed to inspire passion for music and singing in the boys, as American boy singers are woefully low energy.  If one selected forces in numbers like King’s College, Cambridge (16 boys, 14 men, 1 director, 1 organist) there would be a 1:1 man to boy ratio.  A mentoring/apprenticeship program could conceivably help to inspire the boys to actually start putting themselves into the music rather than just letting it happen around them.

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