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Amazing!  Just amazing.  This morning my internet wasn’t working again.  First thing I try: remove @isp.com yet again.  Instant fix!  This is bloody ridiculous.

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I would like to strangle the people at my ISP.  Right after getting back from Christmas vacation I tried to get online, but discovered that my router was no longer connecting.  My computer was communicating just fine with the router/modem, and the modem was syncing with the DSL signal, but no PPPoE.  So after way too much time with tech support, they finally figure out that the modem isn’t authenticating because the ISP changed the way my username was supposed to be entered.  No longer should it be Username@ISP.com, but just Username.  So nice of them to inform me of that change.  I reentered the username and it worked fine.

Then today I get home from lunch and again everything works fine except for the actually connecting to the internet part.  I was almost to the point with the tech support phone line where I would talk to a human being (after they played the recorded message telling me that restarting the modem and computer would end world hunger about seven times.  Not exagerating about the number of times) when I remembered that day after Christmas.  So I logged onto my router, added back the @ISP.com to my username, and presto!  Fixed.  WTF?!  Why, I ask, did they need to loose the @ only to put it back a month later?  And why would they make that change on a Sunday?  OK, so people don’t use the internet for business (the only customers companies actually care about) as much on Sundays, but this is not a business account.  It worked this morning.  They make the change mid-day on a day when support staff is at it’s lowest…

Grr!  It’s so stupid!

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I’m trying out Google Chrome.  So far I like it.  I’m not sure if I think it’s any better than Firefox, but if I’m not mistaken it did handle Hulu on my big screen better than Firefox does.  I don’t think it dropped as many frames.  It did at maximum resolution, but the next level down it didn’t when Firefox still did.  One thing I’m not so sure about is its smartness.  As one might imagine, I don’t always want sites I’ve visited popping up when the browser opens.  This blog, for instance.  Or Boylinks.net.

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Ug.  I’m making progress.  Slowly.  No internet cafe today for me.  I finally got the trojan disabled enought to get Symantec actually Installed.  Now I’m trying to get it updated and running.  I guess I may still take the lappy w/ me to choir and see if I can’t get stuff done after the choir party.

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My desktop was infected today.  Oh joy.  It was infected while looking for ways to…keep my computer secure.  Isn’t that ironic?

So, I was planning to head to The Citadel early tonight (for choir rehearsal) and spend some time in a cafe there, just me, my laptop, and an espresso.  But if this problem keeps up, I won’t be able to do so, since all my time will be spent trying to fix this stupid problem.  Damn you Antivirus Pro 2009!  And you too, ZoneAlarm, for not protecting me from it.

Also today I had to drive to the Motherland for my car’s inspection.  The rain was very unhelpful.  There was so much spray from both the sky and the cars in front of me that I could barely see.  But the important thing is that I got it done.  Late, as usual, but I told myself (and only myself) that I’d do it Thursday, and so I did.  Let’s keep it up!

I’m hungry, and I want pizza, but I just had it yesterday.  Sigh.

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