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Video games consume my life.  I got a new TV (1080p) and so started playing Final Fantasy XII again.  As a result I have gotten nothing done for almost a week.

I put in my two weeks notice on Saturday.  After New Year’s Eve, and then the wedding on Friday I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I can no longer stand to work this job.  So Saturday on my way to work I stopped by Staples and printed my letter of resignation.  My manager’s reaction was “NO!”  Fortunately, you can’t really give someone’s resignation back.

So my official day of resignation is two Sundays from today.  Of course, I don’t work Sundays, so the day before will be my last.  Thank goodness.

I’ve started my new job as part time secretary at the Citadel.  So much nicer.  And after work today I went to a nearby café and asked if they were hiring.  Turns out they are.  The woman I spoke to wanted me to leave my CV.  Alas, I didn’t have it with me.  I was looking for an application to fill out and bring back later.  So I have to put my resume together again and write a cover letter to give to her tomorrow.

I have to go back to The Restaurant tomorrow night again too.  1 1/2 more weeks…

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