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Let’s be honest: I consume it, and so do you. For the most part, my preferred source is Nifty Archives. I am a romantic. I like more than a pretty face. I prefer a pretty character. I want to fall in love as I fap. Also — in this country anyway — a lot more can legally happen in a written story than in a photograph, video or even drawing. And I do try to obey the law. With the exception of speed limits…

But erotica is limited. If you go out and research the relationship between child pornography and child abuse (I doubt there are any studies done on the relationship between legal child erotica and child abuse, though I’ve never actually looked) you will see two camps. Mainstream camp: child pornography leads to greater incidences of child abuse. Alternate camp: child pornography acts as a sexual release for pedophiles and can help to reduce real world incidences by providing an alternative.

Thing is, any kind of erotic media (adult, child, textual, graphical, hardcore, romance) is a lot like dessert. The hungrier you are the more you’ll want to eat it. And if you eat it, you’ll feel satisfied right in the moment, but it won’t take long until you are hungry again. Hungrier, in fact, because it didn’t actually nourish you. Also, now you’re a little fatter and feel slightly ill.

When I am lonely, I feel a constant need to get on Nifty and read smut. Or get on tumblr or flickr and find pictures of shirtless boys. I read, look, stroke, cum and then feel every bit as lonely as I did before.

Now, I’m not saying that erotica is bad! I enjoy it, I like it, and it has its place. But when I am unhappy, it gets in the way of me finding my way back to happiness. In the moment, I’d rather eat pie than cook dinner. But much like dessert, it has its place. At the end of a good meal, a slice of cake tastes great and tops off the meal, making it feel truly finished and satisfying.

Likewise, when I am happy, when I have spent a week of days with my Golden Boy (formerly referred to as the Tertiary Adjunct), my heart is full of realized love for him, and the Longing (which has ceased to be Unknowable to me) is lying dormant, a good romantic man/boy or boy/boy story does nothing but make me happy (and horny), giving me the one thing that I cannot get from my Golden Boy: sex.

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My blog has recently been getting a fair amount of traffic from two German BLogs.  I wish I spoke German so that I could really read them.  I can sort of understand using translate.google.com as a crutch, but I’m missing so much of the nuance that I’m sure is in their writing.  Anyway I’m glad to have found others blogging, actually blogging, about boylove (boylinks’ BLog list is full of dead links and inactive sites); what it’s like and what it means to be a boylover.  Not just another blog-hosted pic site destined to be deleted after a sufficient number of moral crusaders complain about the “child pornography.”  Not only are their days numbered (perhaps mine are too.  How would I know?) but all they tell the world is what type of boy they like to look at.  A picture can speak volumes, but eventually words must be used too.  I don’t wish to demean these pic lists (they are what they are and they serve a purpose), but they feel…trivial.  (Now I sound arrogant; as if my own barely filtered ramblings are the height of profundity.)  They serve only one purpose to one demographic.  There is little dialogue beyond, “wow! he’s hot!”  And those who are not enamored with the pictures and their subjects are repulsed by our reactions.  They cannot see the complexity of the emotions we feel towards the boys depicted.  Only the lust.

And the world really can’t afford more polarization on the issue of boylove.  Or, I suppose it is boylovers who cannot afford it.  This started out one thing and ended up something else entirely.  I apologize for getting preachy, and for getting off topic, not to mention for any offence I may have caused.  I almost didn’t post this because of the tone of contempt (which I don’t feel) it conveys.

If you are the owner of one of the two German BLogs now linked in the side bar, welcome and thank you for linking to me.  If you are a new reader directed here from one of those blogs, welcome to you too and thanks for taking the time to come check me out.  If you have never heard of these two blogs before and you are comfortable with German (or even if you’re not and you don’t mind mucking through Google’s clumsy translation) then I encourage you to go see what they have to offer.

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