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It has been an interesting week.  It started off normal enough.  I got the bulletins done early for Sunday and received music from The Saint for an out of town gig and next Sunday.  The reasons I did the bulletins early, however, is not so normal.  I had jury duty this week.  On Wednesday I rode the train down to the court house and did a whole lot of “hurry up and wait.”

By around 1:00 I had been selected to serve on a jury for an armed robbery.  I went to work after that, knowing that I’d be unavailable the next two days.  I ended up buying a monthly pass for the trains.  Hurts the wallet, but the weather is nice enough now that I really should start taking the train to work.

I didn’t quite get all the printing done on Wed. so the next day, after day one of the trial, I headed to The Citadel again.  It made sense that day since I had to be there in the evening for choir anyway.

I finished up the printing and clocked out, then loaded up Netflix to watch some Jerico.

About twenty minutes into the show, something wonderful happened.  The doorbell for the parish house rang, and since the intercom for the door isn’t working, I had to open the door in person to even see who was there.  When I opened the door 1of2 and 2of2 were standing there, happy smiles plastered on their faces.  1of2 was hanging on the railing in a rather silly fashion.

They were there to pack bags for the food cupboard, but there was no bag packing to be done, alas.  When I told them that, 2of2 gave an “oh yeah” and told me he had tickets to give to me.  (His mother, who is now my friend on facebook, btw, gave me her tickets for the symphony.)  1of2 ran off to fetch them (he’s so cute and bouncy) while 2of2 stayed.  He and I chatted, only a little awkwardly, then 1of2 returned and gave me the tickets.  Then, sadly, they left.  But I am very glad to have had the opportunity to chat with them alone, however briefly.  They’re so…  Nice is too weak a word.  Pleasant.  Cheerful.  Enchanting.

I couldn’t use the tickets, unfortuneately (for which I feel a little guilty), because I had to return to jury duty.  I had accepted the tickets before I had known the extent of my commitment.

As for the trial, we quickly returned a verdict of “not guilty.”  The DA’s case was laughable.  Except it wasn’t funny.  Absolutely no proof owas given beyond to ID by the victim.  Tons of reasonable doubt.  Her entire case established nothing besides that the victim was robbed.  Nothing tied it do the defendant.

Thursday and Friday I went to lunch at the local food market.  So many beautiful boys.  Especially around the chocolatier.

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I’ve started writing again.  Of course I always say it, but I may actually finish this time.  As is true with so many of my ideas for stories, this one formed in the nebulous region of my mind that rules over the place between asleep and awake.  I can’t remember what the seed was, since nothing from that realm can last for longer than an hour or so, but it has grown into something viable.

The characters are vaguely modeled after the set of twins in the Citadel’s boys’ choir.  1of2 and 2of2.  Beyond their twinship, the fact that they both have half the name of a founding father, and the fact that one is maturing more rapidly than the other, there is little resemblance between my characters and them.  1of2 is far less insecure (as far as I can see) than Alexander, and far less bothered by 2of2’s puberty.

The story is of Alexander and Martin Grey.  Thirteen-year-old fraternal twins.  Martin’s recent entry into puberty and his acquisition of a girlfriend are making the marginally older Alex feel left behind.  These feelings of inadequacy and betrayal peak during a Boy Scout camp-out, eventually driving Alex to confront his “little” brother.

Martin is remarkably sympathetic and assures Alex that he will never abandon him.  Later, during a hike, Alex and Martin get separated from the troop and lost.  Martin rushes ahead to try and find the troop, leaving Alex behind, again feeling abandoned and betrayed.  Martin returns a little while later, saying he would not abandon his fresh vow and begins to lead Alex along the path he’d discovered.  However when the larger, stronger Martin leaps across a crevice and rushes on, Alex is reluctant to follow, fearing the fall that would follow if he slipped.  Not wanting to be left behind again, and reluctant to appear a coward, he overcomes his fear and makes the jump.

And Misses.  He falls into the crevice, landing very painfully, feeling his back break.  Before dying he looks around and sees his brother’s corpse just feet away.

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Video games consume my life.  I got a new TV (1080p) and so started playing Final Fantasy XII again.  As a result I have gotten nothing done for almost a week.

I put in my two weeks notice on Saturday.  After New Year’s Eve, and then the wedding on Friday I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I can no longer stand to work this job.  So Saturday on my way to work I stopped by Staples and printed my letter of resignation.  My manager’s reaction was “NO!”  Fortunately, you can’t really give someone’s resignation back.

So my official day of resignation is two Sundays from today.  Of course, I don’t work Sundays, so the day before will be my last.  Thank goodness.

I’ve started my new job as part time secretary at the Citadel.  So much nicer.  And after work today I went to a nearby café and asked if they were hiring.  Turns out they are.  The woman I spoke to wanted me to leave my CV.  Alas, I didn’t have it with me.  I was looking for an application to fill out and bring back later.  So I have to put my resume together again and write a cover letter to give to her tomorrow.

I have to go back to The Restaurant tomorrow night again too.  1 1/2 more weeks…

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***Warning!***  This post contains possible spoilers for the movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  If you have not seen that movie and would maybe like to, consider not reading this post.  Or read until I mark the section about the movie.  Or better yet, go rent it.  Right Now.  Or if it’s still in theaters, go see it, right now.  Then come back and read the whole post.

At choir rehearsal tonight, 20f2 and The Russian stayed for the whole two hours.  And 2of2 sat right in front of me.  God! it was nice.  He is so cute.  His face is wonderful.  Always smiling, round cheeks (but not fat), bright eyes…  He was having a good time the whole time, too.  As always, I’m happy to see boys having fun with music.  When I wasn’t singing (which was too often.  I still don’t have my voice back.  Grr.) I could hear him.  Changing his voice may be, but it is still as cute as the rest of him.

And Italino’s back!  He also sat right in front of me, one row farther forward.  He spent a lot of the night twisted in his seat letting me see his profile and his eyes.  Such dark, exquisite eyes.  I hope the looks he gave me today were not in response to the horrible sounds coming from my mouth.

***Possible Spoilers Begin NOW!  Avert your eyes!***

Before rehearsal, I went and saw The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  I’m not sure I can talk about it.  It was a great movie, beautiful most of the way through, but…  I saw it coming when it started building up to it, but as a whole it caught me off guard.  I think I finally found what would make me willing to kill.  The soldiers that dropped the gas into the chamber, as well as those who ordered it, oversaw it, herded them into the chamber.  How could one be party to that?  Regardless of the propaganda one has been fed all one’s life, how can one gas children to death?  Even fearing for one’s own life…  Them, I would be willing to kill.

I still wouldn’t have fought in WWII though.  Not only were most of the soldiers on the front innocent of these crimes, but the Allies didn’t even know what was going on.  I wouldn’t have known about the Holocaust until the war was over, and so wouldn’t have been willing to kill to to stop it.

Happy thoughts, eh?

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I foolishly left my journal at home yesterday.  Well, not so much foolishly as forgetfully.  I meant to bring it, knowing I was working a double.  In actuality, though, I worked a tripple.  The AM shift had two banquets overlapping.

Anyway, The Restaurant seems to have hired a pair of children.  (I assume they are 14.)  The one is about 5’8″, red headed, changed voice, and slightly overweight.  The other, on the other hand, is 5’6″ (still tall for my usual taste), brown haired, skinny, unchanged voice, and has a very cute face.  And beautiful skin.  Quite attractive.  They were stationed by the dish washer to clear a la carte servers’ trays.

Also that day, in my second room, there was a boy probably about nine years old who looked a lot like a slightly younger version of the boy in the JCPenny’s comercials on Hulu.  (The Ice/Nice one.)  Every time I walked out of the kitchen, or carried a tray toward it, he would watch me openly.  He probably watched all the servers as they did their jobs, since the impression I got from him was one of strong curiosity.  He was very cute.  It seems to me that he was watching to see how the job worked.  Where we went, who was where, what we were bringing in/carrying out.

He’s not the first boy to watch me so closely while I waited tables.  Many weeks ago, near my beginning but after my training, there was a wedding when I had my tray stand right next to a boy I took to be around 10.  He also openly watched my every move.  I spent the whole time hoping he ‘d ask me questions.  He never did, of course.

With the dish boy in the kitchen and the JCP boy in the dining room, I noticed that I worked harder, more diligently.  I moved with greater purpose, made sure to smile, follow procedure, do everything with greater efficiency.  It’s something I’ve thought of before, and even considered writing about but never did, in part because I never had this tool –  the journal – that is so welcoming to such observations.

The observation being: boys inspire me.  I mean, really.  They have shaped me since I started noticing them.  While being a pedophile/boylover in an intollerant society has shaped me in various ways – some positive, some negative – the boys themselves have only ever been positive influences.

So many pivotal moments can be dated to when I was 13.  Christmas when I was 13 I discovered (rediscovered) my great-uncle’s colection of English men and boys choirs Christmas carol albums.  Those recordings inspired more interest in the other classical LPs in the basement.  I was drawn to them because of the boys’ voices, but in listening raptly I learned to love the music and the genre as well.  I’d always had an interest in classical music, but that’s when it became a passion.  In those other LPs I discovered Mozart, and then as my ears matured, Bach and Beethoven.

I bought from Boarders two CDs of boy music, also when I was 13 I think.  A compilation recording of Westminster Cathedral Choir and a Vienna Boys’ Choir CD featuring mostly solos by an also 13yo Max Emanuel Cencic.  The Cencic CD I loved, with its Handel, Mozart, Schubert and Strauss.  At first I didn’t like all the 20th century stuff on the Westminster CD, but again the voices inspired me to grow.  It eventually became my favorite CD.

A leadership position got me over my first hump in Boy Scouts (13 yo), but it was the boys (Candy, Orange Hat, Owl, CIA, N, Casper, Little Man, Fox, and finally The Beloved) that got me over the second, so I stayed to and beyond Eagle Scout.

Boys are the reason I joined the Citadel, and that has been an excellent post to have for many reasons.

I’m sure there are many more examples, but now I must eat, shave, change and go to work, yet again.

*I found some pages of skit scripts I wrote for skit night at music camp.  Kinda funny.  I was 14 when I wrote them, I think.  I had horrible handwriting.

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Yesterday I accomplished much of what I set out to do.  But not all, at little fault of my own.  I couldn’t find The Secretary of State after church, so I didn’t get a chance to talk to her.  I’ll have to send an email to her today about meeting my predecessor.

The Boys were not available for brunch, so I went straight home.  I did buy a half kilo of Guatemalan coffee for my parents first.

I applied to the mentoring organization, doing it quickly to avoid the doubt that would have followed, then collected my references.  One had to be from an employer, so that’s the Saint.  His response to my asking his permission was “Sure, feel free…”  It was the ellipse that makes me wonder about that reaction.  The King also agreed to recommend me.  I was a little worried about him, but he seemed very open to the idea.  I don’t think he’s deceiving me.  Jess is my last reference.  My reluctance there is that she doesn’t live locally, and that may look bad.  But I think she would be able to convince them that that isn’t an issue.

Boy Scouts didn’t happen.  The local council’s website is horrible.  Impossible to find information on volunteering.  Maybe that’s on purpose, because they don’t want random people.  People like me, basically.

FAFSA’s done, though.

So for today.  Groceries, CCs, Laundry, Oil change is done, practice, more boy scouts, and finally, financial institutions.


Alrighty.  Not a bad showing for a chronic lazy bum.  I applied to college, went grocery shopping, got my oil and wiper blades changed and called my bank to get information about how to transfer my investments to their brokerage service.

I have not folded nor finished my laundry, practiced or volunteered as a boy scout leader.  If I can get my courage up, I’ll go to the scout meeting down the street at 7:30 tonight and get that last one done.  I’ll fold laundry before bed tonight.  I think I’ve lost on practicing though.  Now I’m going to do more stuff that I don’t need to do and make a youtube video.

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Right back into things.  I got home around 6 last night, went to BBM’s house to watch a TV show, and now I’m on a one hour break, back at work, pulling a double.  Joy.

On the other hand, I don’t have work tomorrow or Monday, and not until noon on Tuesday.  A little worried about Tuesday, though, since I have my first rehearsal with the choir Sue recommended me for that night at 8.  I need to make sure that I’ll be out of work absolutely no later than 6.  Preferably 5.

But, in the interest of starting off on the right foot, I’m going to outline what needs to happen before Tuesday since I’m not resolved to manage my time well.  Maybe if I put in in writing here, I’ll keep myself to it.  I’ll feel like I’m letting  down more than myself, which I’ve proven I am more than willing to do.

On Monday AM (preferably before 10) I will get the oil changed and new wiper blades.  Long overdue.  Later in the day Monday I need to practice.  I’m not going to set an interval since I won’t stick to it anyway, but practicing needs to happen.  Right after the oil change.

Sunday PM I will do further research into the technology programs at various CCs.  It’s looking like a diploma program in networking from the community college in the next county over.  I need to start the application process as well.  This will need to carry over into Monday as well, since I want to call the colleges and talk to people there about options and financial aid.

Financial aid.  I can start filling out the FAFSA on Sunday.

And finally, the Boy Scouts.  I need to begin that process Sunday as well.  If I need recommendations then I can’t finish it, but I can get most of it done.  And start the application process for the mentoring program as well.

So.  Sunday:
10:00 The Citadel. I need to talk to the Secretary of State about sitting down with the old assistant before the end of the year.
1:00 Maybe brunch? Wouldn’t be bad to skip this week.
3:00 or as soon as I get home. Boy Scout and mentoring apps. Followed by FAFSA, then research into programs of study.
When finished: TV

9:30 Oil change
11:00 Practice
1:00 Call CCs to talk about study.

Have to go back to work.  Will finish later.

There was something I needed to remember…

…but I forgot it.

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