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Scary. Last Thursday I drank the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee around 3pm, and then didn’t eat dinner. At rehearsal that night I started feeling strange during Super Flumina Babylonis. All the held notes. My heart felt…strange. Weak. So I dropped out and focused on breathing regularly. Something similar had happened before. By breathing would feel weird and by heart would follow suit. Each time while singing. So I went to the back room in the Citadel, ate a bag of Goldfish and rested.

But I never felt quite right after. The previous times, and this time too, my left arm would tingle, especially in the finger tips. Now, seems to me all the signs point to heart attack or stroke! But I’m in my mid 20’s for pete’s sake! And not overweight.

So of course I do nothing about it. I think there’s something legitimately wrong this time though. I’ve been constantly aware of my heart ever since Thursday. Palpitations, I suppose. And when I exercised on Saturday, after walking about a mile on relatively flat ground I felt weak. I decided not to climb the hill.

One good thing came of this. I finally actually applied for health insurance. I am NOT going to develop a heart condition while uninsured. I just hope it isn’t already a preexisting condition. Or at least can’t be proven as one.

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Yesterday I accomplished much of what I set out to do.  But not all, at little fault of my own.  I couldn’t find The Secretary of State after church, so I didn’t get a chance to talk to her.  I’ll have to send an email to her today about meeting my predecessor.

The Boys were not available for brunch, so I went straight home.  I did buy a half kilo of Guatemalan coffee for my parents first.

I applied to the mentoring organization, doing it quickly to avoid the doubt that would have followed, then collected my references.  One had to be from an employer, so that’s the Saint.  His response to my asking his permission was “Sure, feel free…”  It was the ellipse that makes me wonder about that reaction.  The King also agreed to recommend me.  I was a little worried about him, but he seemed very open to the idea.  I don’t think he’s deceiving me.  Jess is my last reference.  My reluctance there is that she doesn’t live locally, and that may look bad.  But I think she would be able to convince them that that isn’t an issue.

Boy Scouts didn’t happen.  The local council’s website is horrible.  Impossible to find information on volunteering.  Maybe that’s on purpose, because they don’t want random people.  People like me, basically.

FAFSA’s done, though.

So for today.  Groceries, CCs, Laundry, Oil change is done, practice, more boy scouts, and finally, financial institutions.


Alrighty.  Not a bad showing for a chronic lazy bum.  I applied to college, went grocery shopping, got my oil and wiper blades changed and called my bank to get information about how to transfer my investments to their brokerage service.

I have not folded nor finished my laundry, practiced or volunteered as a boy scout leader.  If I can get my courage up, I’ll go to the scout meeting down the street at 7:30 tonight and get that last one done.  I’ll fold laundry before bed tonight.  I think I’ve lost on practicing though.  Now I’m going to do more stuff that I don’t need to do and make a youtube video.

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