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Abandonment, take two

And once again:  The story about the twins… Now I don’t like it.  It seems I can’t work on a story for any longer than a few days or I start to dislike it.  To see all the inadequacies of it.  But maybe that’s a good thing.  Maybe that’s exactly what I need to tell the worthwhile stories from those that won’t go anywhere.  The thing about this story is that the core of it, the being lost in the woods, there’s really nothing there.  Basically the whole story exists to satisfy that vision in my dream of the boy falling down the fissure and that’s not enough to inspire a whole narrative.

So right now I’m at BBM’s house.  She’s going to do homework and I’m going ot try and write a story fit for human consumption to submit to a writing competition.  We’ll see.

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