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I hate cleaning.  When I daydream, I often imagine having enough money to hire a housekeeper.  (Usually one with a cute 11-year-old son.)  As I was showering after cleaning the shower, I was remembering the odd scheduling at my middle school.  They called it 8 periods, but almost all classes took 2 and classes changed at the semester, so really it was more like 4 period block scheduling.  And to keep things interesting (and appease teachers who didn’t want to always have to teach through morning fog or end-of-day fidgetyness) they didn’t always go 1 through 8.  Lunch happened between 3 and 4.  Or was it 5 and 6?  It must have been 5 and 6, because we got out at 2:50.  So they were always at the same time.

Looked at the website.  They still do it the same way.  So the periods went 1-2, 3-4 ,5-6, 7-8 for a bit, then changed to 7-8, 1-2, 5-6, 3-4 then obviously 3-4, 7-8, 5-6, 1-2.  Funny.  Ah middle school…

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