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My desktop was infected today.  Oh joy.  It was infected while looking for ways to…keep my computer secure.  Isn’t that ironic?

So, I was planning to head to The Citadel early tonight (for choir rehearsal) and spend some time in a cafe there, just me, my laptop, and an espresso.  But if this problem keeps up, I won’t be able to do so, since all my time will be spent trying to fix this stupid problem.  Damn you Antivirus Pro 2009!  And you too, ZoneAlarm, for not protecting me from it.

Also today I had to drive to the Motherland for my car’s inspection.  The rain was very unhelpful.  There was so much spray from both the sky and the cars in front of me that I could barely see.  But the important thing is that I got it done.  Late, as usual, but I told myself (and only myself) that I’d do it Thursday, and so I did.  Let’s keep it up!

I’m hungry, and I want pizza, but I just had it yesterday.  Sigh.


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