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I’m trying out Google Chrome.  So far I like it.  I’m not sure if I think it’s any better than Firefox, but if I’m not mistaken it did handle Hulu on my big screen better than Firefox does.  I don’t think it dropped as many frames.  It did at maximum resolution, but the next level down it didn’t when Firefox still did.  One thing I’m not so sure about is its smartness.  As one might imagine, I don’t always want sites I’ve visited popping up when the browser opens.  This blog, for instance.  Or Boylinks.net.


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I just got off the phone with Jess.  She wanted to tell me that a fantasy book she was sure I’d read was being turned itno a TV series.  I told her, “yeah, I know.  George Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire is being made into a series by HBO.”

“No,” she told me.  “Not George Martin.  His name starts with a ‘T.'”

I offered up the name Tad Williams in excitement.  How great would a show based on his books be!  That sounded right to her until I told her the title.  The Dragonbone Chair.  “Yes!” she exclaimed.  Then, “Wait.  Dragonbone Chair?”  That didn’t sound right after all.  Memeory, Sorrow and Thorn, Shadowmarch, Otherland, Tailchaiser’s Song.  None sounded right.

So she gave me as much of a description of the plot as she could.  A guy, a young guy is a wizard, but doesn’t know it.  Then some sorceress comes along and convinces him to help her.  He gets caught up in her cause and feels obligated to stay involved.  And he runs around the woods with no shirt on.

After a few more questions I learned that there was a bad guy, but she didn’t remember anything aobut him, the sorceress might be good or bad, and it would be on the CW.

So I went online.  The plot didn’t sound anything like Dragonbone Chair, but I looked at Tad’s site anyway.  Nothing.

I went on CW’s site.  Horrible site.  Impossible to find anything resembling a list of current or upcoming shows.  I didn’t see anything that looked right.

Then I just googled “new fantasy tv series.”  Easiest thing in the world.  Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind.  Everything she’d told me was true.  I’d even heard a few days ago that it was being made into a show.  But I’d forgotten. Not among my favorite books.

But bravo Jess!  As odd as your recollection was, it got us there in the end.

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