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***Warning!***  This post contains possible spoilers for the movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  If you have not seen that movie and would maybe like to, consider not reading this post.  Or read until I mark the section about the movie.  Or better yet, go rent it.  Right Now.  Or if it’s still in theaters, go see it, right now.  Then come back and read the whole post.

At choir rehearsal tonight, 20f2 and The Russian stayed for the whole two hours.  And 2of2 sat right in front of me.  God! it was nice.  He is so cute.  His face is wonderful.  Always smiling, round cheeks (but not fat), bright eyes…  He was having a good time the whole time, too.  As always, I’m happy to see boys having fun with music.  When I wasn’t singing (which was too often.  I still don’t have my voice back.  Grr.) I could hear him.  Changing his voice may be, but it is still as cute as the rest of him.

And Italino’s back!  He also sat right in front of me, one row farther forward.  He spent a lot of the night twisted in his seat letting me see his profile and his eyes.  Such dark, exquisite eyes.  I hope the looks he gave me today were not in response to the horrible sounds coming from my mouth.

***Possible Spoilers Begin NOW!  Avert your eyes!***

Before rehearsal, I went and saw The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  I’m not sure I can talk about it.  It was a great movie, beautiful most of the way through, but…  I saw it coming when it started building up to it, but as a whole it caught me off guard.  I think I finally found what would make me willing to kill.  The soldiers that dropped the gas into the chamber, as well as those who ordered it, oversaw it, herded them into the chamber.  How could one be party to that?  Regardless of the propaganda one has been fed all one’s life, how can one gas children to death?  Even fearing for one’s own life…  Them, I would be willing to kill.

I still wouldn’t have fought in WWII though.  Not only were most of the soldiers on the front innocent of these crimes, but the Allies didn’t even know what was going on.  I wouldn’t have known about the Holocaust until the war was over, and so wouldn’t have been willing to kill to to stop it.

Happy thoughts, eh?

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