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It has been an interesting week.  It started off normal enough.  I got the bulletins done early for Sunday and received music from The Saint for an out of town gig and next Sunday.  The reasons I did the bulletins early, however, is not so normal.  I had jury duty this week.  On Wednesday I rode the train down to the court house and did a whole lot of “hurry up and wait.”

By around 1:00 I had been selected to serve on a jury for an armed robbery.  I went to work after that, knowing that I’d be unavailable the next two days.  I ended up buying a monthly pass for the trains.  Hurts the wallet, but the weather is nice enough now that I really should start taking the train to work.

I didn’t quite get all the printing done on Wed. so the next day, after day one of the trial, I headed to The Citadel again.  It made sense that day since I had to be there in the evening for choir anyway.

I finished up the printing and clocked out, then loaded up Netflix to watch some Jerico.

About twenty minutes into the show, something wonderful happened.  The doorbell for the parish house rang, and since the intercom for the door isn’t working, I had to open the door in person to even see who was there.  When I opened the door 1of2 and 2of2 were standing there, happy smiles plastered on their faces.  1of2 was hanging on the railing in a rather silly fashion.

They were there to pack bags for the food cupboard, but there was no bag packing to be done, alas.  When I told them that, 2of2 gave an “oh yeah” and told me he had tickets to give to me.  (His mother, who is now my friend on facebook, btw, gave me her tickets for the symphony.)  1of2 ran off to fetch them (he’s so cute and bouncy) while 2of2 stayed.  He and I chatted, only a little awkwardly, then 1of2 returned and gave me the tickets.  Then, sadly, they left.  But I am very glad to have had the opportunity to chat with them alone, however briefly.  They’re so…  Nice is too weak a word.  Pleasant.  Cheerful.  Enchanting.

I couldn’t use the tickets, unfortuneately (for which I feel a little guilty), because I had to return to jury duty.  I had accepted the tickets before I had known the extent of my commitment.

As for the trial, we quickly returned a verdict of “not guilty.”  The DA’s case was laughable.  Except it wasn’t funny.  Absolutely no proof owas given beyond to ID by the victim.  Tons of reasonable doubt.  Her entire case established nothing besides that the victim was robbed.  Nothing tied it do the defendant.

Thursday and Friday I went to lunch at the local food market.  So many beautiful boys.  Especially around the chocolatier.

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