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Feeling kinda nervous and paranoid.  I’ve agreed to go to a near by town (150 mi) on Sunday to meet a fellow boylover.  — The mouse is back — I’ve been speaking to him irregularly for a few months, and I’m 98% certain he’s genuine.  He’s been living abroad teaching English, but is back in the States, lining up an oportunity to go back.  While he’s here, he’s visiting all his BL friends, and wants to meet me.

While I have no reason to disbelieve a word he’s said, I have a paranoid side that says “that’s just what they’d want you to think” every time I think “but he isn’t lying, because…”

I don’t remember feeling this way when I visited my friends in California.  Part of my fear is, what if I don’t like him?  — The King and My Friend of the Face Book are here.  Time to go watch Psych.

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