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I would like to strangle the people at my ISP.  Right after getting back from Christmas vacation I tried to get online, but discovered that my router was no longer connecting.  My computer was communicating just fine with the router/modem, and the modem was syncing with the DSL signal, but no PPPoE.  So after way too much time with tech support, they finally figure out that the modem isn’t authenticating because the ISP changed the way my username was supposed to be entered.  No longer should it be Username@ISP.com, but just Username.  So nice of them to inform me of that change.  I reentered the username and it worked fine.

Then today I get home from lunch and again everything works fine except for the actually connecting to the internet part.  I was almost to the point with the tech support phone line where I would talk to a human being (after they played the recorded message telling me that restarting the modem and computer would end world hunger about seven times.  Not exagerating about the number of times) when I remembered that day after Christmas.  So I logged onto my router, added back the @ISP.com to my username, and presto!  Fixed.  WTF?!  Why, I ask, did they need to loose the @ only to put it back a month later?  And why would they make that change on a Sunday?  OK, so people don’t use the internet for business (the only customers companies actually care about) as much on Sundays, but this is not a business account.  It worked this morning.  They make the change mid-day on a day when support staff is at it’s lowest…

Grr!  It’s so stupid!

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It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here.  And while plenty has happened, I feel like there really isn’t any story to tell.

I’m fairly certain that last Wednesday was the last day I’ll ever see the tray taker boy, since the busy season is pretty much over now.  I’ve been in the Chase Room at The Restaurant for almost all of my recent shifts, which is nice since it’s a more calm room and I get tips from the bar.

I spent the last few days with my father’s side of the family up north.  My father’s brother’s only son’s family wasn’t there (they have four boys).  Only Lucy and her little sister for children.  They were great to have around.  I tried my best to be sociable with Lucy, who is now 10, as sort of practice.  I wasn’t that good at it.

And I just spent $500 on a new television.  I’m a spending junkie.  (And now my credit card is frozen because the bank is afraid of fraud after such a large purchase.)  I need to start making more money.  And I will soon, but I just sent myself further into the hole that I first must dig myself out of.

Today, while browsing Nifty, I came across a story title that felt like the first line to a poem.  So I tried to write the poem.  The line was “And then there was Joshua and Joseph.”  I corrected the grammar for my poem.

And then there were Joshua and Joseph,
Two boys of speechless wonder.
Their hearts beat furious and frantic
Within their narrow breasts.
Restless eyes failed to meet

And that’s all I could come up with.  Clearly, I am no poet.  But I’ve known that for a long time.

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I’m on my way to my first cruise ever.  Spoiled rotten, I am.  Starving musician and I already have a taste for Caribbean vacations, and now a cruise, which I’m sure I’ll love.  Mostly.  I love my family, but I fear they’ll cramp my style.  Not that I’d be any kind of instant hit boy magnet if I were there on my own.  I’d probably just sin in the cabin and be lonely.  This way, I know I’ll have company.

But before I get on the boat, I have to get to the port.  So I’m writing this on an airplane.  I’m not sure if it has something to do with that and the resultant air pressure, but this pen–which usually writes very well–is having some troubles.

So far the trip hasn’t been that “interesting.”  I’m flying with my sister (kinda.  I’m in coach, she’s in first class) so the waiting hasn’t been bad.  But there have been no boy moments like the time in summer ’07 coming back from my friends’ house with the boy peeing next to me without worrying about hiding himself.  Nor like the twins sitting accross the isle.  The bathroom in this terminal would have been well suited for peeping, though.  It had dividers (unlike the bathroom that summer) but they were so low they may as well have not been there.  I could have seen right into the neighboring urinals.

Now I feel creepy.  Really, I think about this stuff, and sometimes it happens, but I don’t engineer it.  I don’t seek it out.

There was a good sighting, though.  Gorgeous blond haired boy, about 13, maybe 5’4″ at the tallest.  We just passed him, but he was beautiful enough that I risked turning my head in front of my sister to keep him in sight longer.  That’s it though.  A few little boys on the plane.  Cute, but too young to be anything more.  Too ill behaved as well.

I am hoping that there will be many boys on this cruise (in my fantasies I even chat with them) but I’m beginning to suspect there won’t be.  That’s the way with my family.  (See cramping my style.)  They avoid kids.  Foolish.

I think I’ll do a crossword now.

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